Cities of Light – Viking River Cruise Log!

This was my first trip on a river boat.  So many people wanted to know what it was like. So many want to do it. (Did they see the Downton Abbey advertisements, perchance?) I try to answer all their questions in this blog!

It was a varied itinerary. We started off in Paris, stopped in Luxembourg, boarded the river boat in Trier, Germany, disembarked the riverboat in Nuremburg, traveled to Prague by bus.  We spent 4 days in Prague, 2 of them with the tour.  Then, we did a private tour of the Czech Republic by car for five more days before returning to Paris (another full day) and then we flew home. I wrote about it as three separate trips: Paris, the riverboat  cruise; Prague and the Czech Republic.  Though there is some overlap with the Viking parts of that itinerary, I think that it’s a bit contrived given the paltry Viking contributions to the Paris and Prague portions of the trip!

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The Viking Odin, our ship

The Viking Odin, our ship




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