Here is a “table of contents” for the Milwaukee area pages:

Milwaukee I

Lakeshore State Park


Posters of Paris Show (at the Milwaukee Art Museum)

Lakefront Festival of Arts (Milwaukee Art Museum)

Summerfest (July 3rd, 2013)

Holy Hill (August 30, 2013)

Coquette Cafe, Pontoon Boat Rental and Harley Fest, Milwaukee (August 2013)

Milwaukee Museums (May 2014)

The Kandinsky Retrospective (at the Milwaukee Art Museum -MAM) July 2014

Willoway Farm and Braise Restaurant Dinner (July 2014)

MAM – The Ebony Fashion Fair (March 2015)

MAM – Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels (August 2015)

Kenosha Public Museum (January 2016)

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