View from the top of Monte Igeldo (Donostia-San Sebastian)

Spain is a real favorite for me – I find it easy to feel at home when I can speak the language, read the newspapers and engage with locals in my own voice.  It feels like we go fairly often, at least every other year.  Part of the reason for that is that we (mistakenly) bought a time share with Melia – a large Spanish hotel chain.  I feel obliged to use my options/points (I am a bit miserly), but finding new destinations isn’t always easy as the options are limited.  We have traveled to Tenerife, Mallorca (another time) and Toledo using the points and options, but those journals appear to have been hand-written (yes, I used to do that!), and at present are unaccounted for!

I promise to keep adding to this page as I find new material, either new travels or old journals.  I appreciate your comments!


The Abbey of Santa Maria la Real de las Huegas



EuroYear Journal Entries

Burgos (May 2017)

Donostia/San Sebastian (May 2017)

Costa Vasca, Costa Cantabrica, Costa Verde & Oviedo (May 2017)

Santillana del Mar (May 2017)

Santiago de Compostela & Vigo (May 2017)

Guggenheim Spider

 Altamira Cave (May 2017)

Mallorca (October 2015)

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