Atlantic Wonders

After sailing around the Horn, it was on to the Falkland Islands and then back to Argentina, at Puerto Madryn.  Focus was on nature!  See the pictures and read the narrative of these two stops here.

Gypsy Cove, and penguins, the Falkland Islands

Gypsy Cove, and penguins, the Falkland Islands

Sailing the Horn & the Atlantic Ocean

Sorrry! I left you high and dry at the “End of the World”, but the trip continued – Read about Sailing around the Horn and about life at sea on our way to The Falkland Islands. (Need to start at the beginning?  Click here.)

Cape Horn Drake Passage

Cape Horn S.A

Punta Arenas & Ushuaia

“The End of the World”

On back to back days we visited two (rival) cities with claims to being the “southernmost point in the Americas.” They are Punta Arenas, Chile and Ushuaia, Argentina. Fascinating places! Read about these two days starting here.

(If you want to start reading from the beginning, you should click here.

Lapataia Bay, the end of the Pan-American Highway

Visiting Chile


Amalia Glacier, Chile

Amalia Glacier, Chile

Once we left Santiago and Valparaiso, we started to see some amazing natural beauty – the Osorno Volcano, Emerald Lake, and Petrohue Falls in the Lake District; and the stunning Amalia Glacier in the Chilean fjords.  This post starts here… (If you would like to start at the beginning, click here.)

Come with me on a Viking Cruise

Plaza de Armas, Santiago Chile

Plaza de Armas, Santiago, Chile

Come with me on a Viking Cruise!

I am traveling in South America as I write to you and have just published the first couple days of the trip, those I spent in Santiago de Chile. You can start reading this new section of the blog here!