Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

The last segment of my Maine trip was 3 days that I spent in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. I had a variety of experiences.  It is a place I will return. Read about it here.

Typical shoreline in Acadia National Park


More Maine!

Here’s more about my trip to Maine – you can even see and read work I did at The Maine Media Workshop I attended. Enjoy! (To read from the beginning, in case you missed it – Start here.)

Belted Galloways on Aldermere Farm

My First Trip to Maine

Portland Head Light

“My First Trip to Maine” sounds like a schoolchild’s essay title.  I hope it is more interesting than that!  Read about the first couple of days  I spent in the Portland area.

We’re Celebrating our Anniversary in Mexico!

I think this may become a tradition.  We were here on our honeymoon 36 years ago; here for our 25th and now, for our 36th.  This trip is to Puerto Vallarta.  Read all about it (the first three days so far…) by clicking here.

Puerto Vallarta

A Circus & a Zoo – Both in Baraboo

A Circus & a Zoo – Both in Baraboo

On a beautiful, warm October day, I took off to Baraboo, WI to see Circus World and The International Crane Foundation.  It was a great day, full of surprises and memories.  Read both here.

attractions for children