Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands

Just finished up a week-long workshop on Madeline Island, in Lake Superior.  Here’s the first blog post about the trip.

Devil’s Island Cave


Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

The last segment of my Maine trip was 3 days that I spent in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. I had a variety of experiences.  It is a place I will return. Read about it here.

Typical shoreline in Acadia National Park


More Maine!

Here’s more about my trip to Maine – you can even see and read work I did at The Maine Media Workshop I attended. Enjoy! (To read from the beginning, in case you missed it – Start here.)

Belted Galloways on Aldermere Farm

My First Trip to Maine

Portland Head Light

“My First Trip to Maine” sounds like a schoolchild’s essay title.  I hope it is more interesting than that!  Read about the first couple of days  I spent in the Portland area.

We’re Celebrating our Anniversary in Mexico!

I think this may become a tradition.  We were here on our honeymoon 36 years ago; here for our 25th and now, for our 36th.  This trip is to Puerto Vallarta.  Read all about it (the first three days so far…) by clicking here.

Puerto Vallarta