From August 2001 through May 2002, Gerry and I, little Gerry (age 14) and Oscar (age 11) picked up our suitcases and our lives, and went to Europe. It was quite a trip. What follows are the journals I kept, blog-style, for our friends to follow us around.

StartingAugust  2001

Early September 2001

Mid-September 2001

Late September 2001

Early October 2001 (Cotswolds, England)

Mid October 2001 (Ireland)

Late October 2001 (Wales and Scotland)

November 2001 (France – Paris)

Early to Mid- December 2001 (France)

Mid-December 2001 to Early January 2002 (Italy)

January 2002 (Italy – Rome)

February 2002 (Italy – Rome)

March 2002 (Driving from Rome to Madrid)


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