What you see when you're not off touristing!

What you see when you’re not off the boat touristing!

Today the activity was a tour in Heidelberg. I had a million negative reasons not to go, but the positive reason was really the overwhelming decision-maker: I wanted to stay on the boat and cruise calmly down the river. (Negative reasons: I had already seen Heidelberg, albeit 30 years ago; I didn’t want to sit on a bus for 2 hours to get there, nor for 2 hours to return; I am tired and behind in the blog; I am catching a cold and just need some downtime.) Gerry went, however, so I will report his experiences.

Viewing station on the front of the boat.

Viewing station on the front of the boat.

We started the day in Aschaffenberg on the Main River. The buses left for Heidelberg at 9:00 and then the ship cast off and we spent the day cruising down the Main (pronounced “mine”). It is sunny again today, though not as warm as yesterday. Idyllic farm lands spread out on both sides of the boat, the calm beauty of the river only broken by the occasional lock. On this river the locks move us upward (on the Moselle we were assisted downward!). There are maybe 16 of us left on the ship (out of 200) and it is quiet and relaxing. Perfect! I worked on the blog, catching up with the narrative, and combing through photos to illustrate the commentary. The picture part takes so much time – blame that for the reason I am posting after the fact!

Sick of them yet?

Sick of them yet?

Other than beautiful scenery there isn’t much to report about the day. But when we docked in Miltenberg about mid-afternoon, those of us who stayed behind ventured into town to look around. Would it be anathema to say that by this time one half-timbered house looks like all the others? Yes, they are very cool, but the novelty has worn off. We did get to see the famous Inn of the Giant, one of the oldest, if not the oldest, still functioning inn in the country. It was a beautiful building. Cindy, Greg, Joanne and I found a quiet place on a side street for a restorative (after our hectic day) glass of wine.

The Inn of the Giant

The Inn of the Giant

About 6 pm the “Heidelbergians” returned to the ship. Despite their disastrously long bus ride in the morning (over 3 ½ hours because of traffic thanks to the train strike) all expressed wild praise for the place!

Keep Reading!

Even a town as unassuming as Miltenberg has a castle!

Even a town as unassuming as Miltenberg has a castle!

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