The farm, or my personal Heaven on Earth, is the center for many eclectic wanderings around south central Wisconsin.  Here I will collect a table of contents on the posts and pages that focus on this part  of the state.

The Farm I

Why I go to Wisconsin in The Winter

Farm Animals

Why Visit Wisconsin Installment I

January Thaw (2013)

The Farm in January (2013)

The Farm in January (cont)

Fog at the Farm (01/2013)

The Spring that Hasn’t Been (04/2013)

The Rotary Botanical Gardens, Janesville (June 2013)

Scott Schearer, Artist (June 2013)

The Parker Pen Exhibit (June 2013)

The Beckman Mill (June 2013)

Dane Dances (August 2013)

Taliesin (August 2013)

A Tale of Two Journeys (February & March 2014)

One Day’s Adventures (May 2014)

Sleuthing for Signs of Spring (March 2015)

My Kegonsa Walk (May 2016)

Parfrey’s Glen (October 2016)

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