The farm, or my personal Heaven on Earth, is the center for many eclectic wanderings around south central Wisconsin.  Here I will collect a table of contents on the posts and pages that focus on this part  of the state.

The Farm I

Why I go to Wisconsin in The Winter

Farm Animals

Why Visit Wisconsin Installment I

January Thaw (2013)

The Farm in January (2013)

The Farm in January (cont)

Fog at the Farm (01/2013)

The Spring that Hasn’t Been (04/2013)

The Rotary Botanical Gardens, Janesville (June 2013)

Scott Schearer, Artist (June 2013)

The Parker Pen Exhibit (June 2013)

The Beckman Mill (June 2013)

Dane Dances (August 2013)

Taliesin (August 2013)

A Tale of Two Journeys (February & March 2014)

One Day’s Adventures (May 2014)

Sleuthing for Signs of Spring (March 2015)

My Kegonsa Walk (May 2016)

Parfrey’s Glen (October 2016)

Circus World (Oct0ber 2017)

Int’l Care Foundation (October 2017)

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