This strategically taken shot does not show the scaffolding but it does show the sea of humanity visiting the Colosseum and the Roman Forums.

Italy is one of my favorite places in the world (not that I have seen all of it yet!).  I spent the spring semester of my junior year (1975) at Smith in Rome.  That was a program for Classics and Art History majors (I was one of the later).  In addition to studying the art and architecture of Rome, we also studied the history of ancient Rome, and took a three week field trip that covered everything from Naples south to Sicily.  Of course, I also got to travel around in Italy, and so began a love affair with the country that endures to this day (2015).  I began journalling my travels in 2001, the year my husband and I took our sons out of school and lived in Europe for 10 months. There are four entries for that trip (note the dates).  More recent was the trip to Sicily in 2013 and most recently (as of this writing) , an almost two week trip that included a 7 day walking tour in Umbria. (2015).

Trieste (May 2016)

Umbria and Tuscany (October 2015)

One Day in Rome (October 7th, 2015)

Sicily (October 2013)

Euro-year Journals

Driving from Rome to Madrid (March 2002)

Another four weeks in Rome (February 2002)

Rome and Environs (January 2002)

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