Day 9     By today, I am just too sick to consider getting off the boat to visit Bamberg and so I will miss another important town. Gerry did go,  so what follows are his comments and pictures.

Bamberg market

Bamberg market

“Bamberg is a beautiful town, with lots of modern shopping areas.

Bamberg - Old City Hall

Bamberg – Old City Hall

“Das Bamberger Brucken-Rathaus, the old town hall building, dates from 1386. It was built in the middle of the Regnitz River. The Three Musketeers was filmed near that building. It is very picturesque, not only for the setting but also for the murals painted on the outside walls.

View of Bamberg

View of Bamberg

“Then we climbed up to the Domplatz, the cathedral square, where the main thing was the cathedral (Dom). Also on the square is the Neues Residenz, the Bishops’ palace, with beautiful gardens and a view of the town below. The cathedral is dedicated to the veneration of Saint Cunigunde.

DSC_0696 DSC_0703

“Holy Roman Emperor and King of Germany Henry II and Holy Roman Empress Cunigunde were only imperial couple to be canonized. She was beloved by the people and is the one remembered today. She was politically active, an adviser to her husband. Legend has it that she walked over flaming irons to prove her innocence against charges of unfaithfulness to her husband. After she was canonized, she was buried in the same tomb with him, something just not done at the time, and moreover, her body was placed on the right hand side – the spot for the king!

“Pope Clement II’s tomb is also in the Bamberg Cathedral. He is the only pope buried outside Italy or France.”DSC_0708

Bamberg cathedral

Bamberg cathedral


DSC_0712Now you’re back with me and on to another day!

Hitler's Colisseum

Hitler’s Coliseum

Day 10 We left the boat reluctantly, and boarded our buses for a tour of Nuremberg and a long ride to Prague. In Nuremberg we first face Nazi remnants. The Nazis saw Nuremberg as the ideal German city and used it to stage huge propaganda works. We saw a coliseum-like building that, though grandiose beyond measure in its plans, was never finished because of the war. Likewise we saw the remains of a viewing grounds that the night before hosted a concert of AC-DC, almost a thumbing of the nose towards toward its original purpose and creators. We also heard the story of the Nuremberg trials and saw Courtroom 600 from the bus (not an historic sight, it is still an active courtroom).

Cathedral obscured by the flea market

Cathedral obscured by the flea market

From the 1940-50s, we were plunged into a time warp – the middle ages with a modern flea market obscuring anything that scaffolding doesn’t. We were on our own for lunch, so we chose a restaurant where we could try the local sausage Nurnberger rostbratwurste, the sausages that fit through the keyholes in the gates to the town!

Restaurant where we had our Nurnburger bratwurst

Restaurant where we had our Nurnberger bratwurst

Then, the bus for a four and a half hour dive to Prague, arriving too tired to do anything but get something to eat and drink in the hotel and go to bed.


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