Comforted by the tap-tapping of raindrops on my roof, I am unaware of the fog slowly stealing in to envelope me.  (If there were a sound track, something ominous would be appropriate.)  Naturally, in the course of my working, I would eventually look up, and out the window.  The leafless trees dissolving into dusk are less distinct than usual at this hour.  Rising to turn on the lights, I see that the fog has surrounded the house, cutting me off (even more than my mile-long drive) from the rest of the world.

Of course, I love it!  What else could inspire flights of bad, poetic prose?

It has been an interesting couple of days here in southern Wisconsin, where weather defines (but does not confine) our existence.  Last week, it was bitter cold that had everyone talking.  It turns out that the cold weather was pretty average for this time of year.  We have forgotten thanks to so many warm winters of late.


Today, 57 degrees F set a record high for a January 29th.  Most Wisconsin residents are in their t-shirts and shorts when the temperature rises above freezing, but even I was out without an overcoat!  It wasn’t a nice day – just warm.  In fact, it drizzled pretty much all day.  The little snow and ice that remain become pretty treacherous in this weather.  But one is (or, I am) much more likely to have problems with mud than with ice.  My car fishtailed a bit on my muddy gravel road, especially as I tried to avoid pools of standing water by venturing off the well-worn ruts.

There were small patches of ground fog, especially in low areas.  Late this afternoon, I pulled on my red Wellies, grabbed my tripod and headed out into the drizzle to try to shoot the fog in the woods.  From a distance it seemed thicker and whiter.  Despite dodging raindrops for over an hour, I never really found the fog I could “see.” I returned to the house,  sat down to edit pictures, and the  ensuing events are described back in paragraph one.


It is completely dark now, and still raining.  It is supposed to get cold again.  Will that bring snow?  It’s predicted and oh, I hope so!  The temperature will return to normal ranges tomorrow (high of 39) and by Thursday (when I go home) to about 12.  (Just in time!  Whew!) Now, in the meantime, oh for some snow!


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