Would I go again?  (Yes, Jackie, I would!) A first trip is enough to tell me whether I like it enough to go back – a second trip can be spent doing the things I liked best on the first trip and trying out something I missed.

I really liked the Mount Nevis Hotel.  It was not the fancy plantation-style of the “Famous 4” but it was also unpretentious, the service was like family, the food was excellent, and the view was unparalleled.  Our room was spacious and comfortable, and the other guests amiable (lots of mid-westerners) and interesting.

We had a lot of good food, well-prepared, tasty and generally in very attractive surroundings.  We had a lot of island flavor – the architecture, the people we met, the jungle and the beach.

If you’re looking for a lively scene, try to come over on a weekend. Also, plan ahead for the big events at the four plantation hotels, there is one at each on a different night, and make reservations as early as possible so you don’t miss them as we did.  That is another reason for me to go back – I would have loved to participate in the pig roast we missed.

I would change one thing:  The transportation to get there.  Flying to St Kitts and making three transfers was not my favorite part. I will wait until I can find a flight from San Juan, directly to Nevis, before I go again, even if it means looking into a charter.  I really hate spending an entire day traveling somewhere and I am not a patient waiter.  I like to minimize as much as possible the time I spend in transit. The journey is not my thing:  The destination is where I want to spend my time!

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