May 16th, 2012

It was a beautiful morning in Milwaukee this morning, and I got up and took a long walk with my camera just to enjoy the sunshine!  My favorite walk takes me from my apartment to the Lakeshore State Park.  The park is pretty unusual, I think, as it is located right in the midst of a large urban center.  It was created east of Summerfest, which as you know is on the shore of lake Michigan.  This park was created in the lake itself.  Prairies, foot and bike paths, moorings for boats, lots of birds and a view of the lake that never ceases to fascinate.  Above you see a photo from the park, looking back to downtown Milwaukee, the boat moorings in the foreground.  This is in an inlet created by the sweep of the park out into the lake.

The walk through the park brings me out right near the Discovery Center (the science museum – that round building to the right of the picture, plus the long rectangular building to its left).  Right across the street is the magnificent (Whale?  Ship?) Milwaukee Art Museum, designed by Santiago Calatrava.  Another marvel of Milwaukee!  Both inside and out, the museum is a must see!

Looking back towards LakeShore State Park, with the Milwaukee Art Museum gracing the horizon.

July 27, 2012

I left the house this morning for my walk, looked up at the dark cloud and though, “It won’t rain on me.  It is just one cloud.”  Wrong!  But I did get some nice pictures – these all with my iPhone and then manipulated in Photoshop (create the panoramas and adjust some of the tones).  Suffice it to say – I got soaked!  But you can see the effect of the drought, and hopefully, understand why I thought I might get away with it!

A good portion of the sky looked like this when I left the house. Just a hint of trouble on the left side of the image.


Then, again, that hint of trouble actually looked like this when I turned my head.



…increasingly so …


…uh oh!