Now, here in PR we have “Food Courts.”  Those big areas in the malls where you can indulge in all sorts of unhealthy cuisines accompanied by a big huge soda.  ( In WI, we’d call that a “pop”…in other words a Coke or Pepsi or sprite or some such drink.) You know what I am saying…   Well, I believe this is ingenious!  A Food Park!  No, we don’t have them in Puerto Rico…and by posting this, I guess I am derailing any dreams I may have had about starting one here.  Someone has GOT to pick up on this!

A Food Park is a place where food trucks (yes, we have those in PR) can all go and “park” and service customers in a central location.

Right now, the food trucks in PR have a set location and the customers travel to them to sample their delicacies.  No competition within miles.  All well and good.  But, better  is the idea, that the food trucks all go and park in a strategic location (weekday different from weekend) and hoards of customers (search the internet and find where they are today, and) flock to them. I.e.  I go with Gerry and Gerry wants something different than what makes my mouth water.  No problem!  There is a food truck for every taste!  And best of all, there is a whole slew of picnic tables where we can each bring our chosen delicacy and still eat together.

So on a recent trip to Fort Worth to visit Gerry (Jr.) , we had our lunch at the “Food Park,” along with about 100  other people:  I had vegetarian, Kelly had grilled cheese (YES! A grilled cheese food truck!  How cool is that?) and Gerry (Jr.) probably had a hamburger – typical male fare (sorry…).  This is a brilliant idea, waiting to come to PR!

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