Though I have German roots, I am embarrassed to say that I really have not spent much time in Germany. I did study German in college, so I can get basic travel phrases across my lips when shyness is not ascendant.  There is so much history and emotion tied to Germany that it is a destination I approach with care and lots of research.  Let’s see if I can work it more into my itineraries – now that it is the leading country of the Western World.

The Rote Rathaus, Berlin City Hall.

Berlin (2014)

Marksburg Castle – look at the gateway. You can see how the gate was once much bigger -to allow mounted men to enter!

Trier & Bernkastel (May 2015)

Cochem & Koblenz (May 2015)

Castles on the Rhine (May 2015)

Rothenburg & Wirtsburg (May 2015)

Bamberg and Nuremburg (May 2015)


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