The Texas White House B&B, Fort Worth, Texas

We actually visited the real Texas White House (Lyndon Johnson’s ranch) some years ago while driving around in the state (worth a visit!) but,  today, I am writing about a bed and breakfast we stayed in for our most recent sojourn in the city of Fort Worth.

The sidekick and I are not fancy hotel people, though I find myself developing a taste for places that are ultra-modern! You cannot describe the Texas White House Bed & Breakfast that way though, and yet we liked it very, very much!

Located in the medical/hospital district in Fort Worth, it is a throw-back house amidst a bunch of modern buildings.  It is located on a busy street but once inside you hear no street noise.  This is an old house – I am guessing it dates from 1910 which is the date on the sign.  It’s a big white house with a great wrap-around porch that is probably fantastic if there are any seasons in Fort worth where you can actually sit outside.  Not the case in January, certainly, and probably that is not the case in most of the summer either.

The inside is just about as charming as a place can get!  Downstairs on the first floor is a foyer, a living room, dining room, a big restaurant kitchen and a “business room” where the paperwork gets signed!  The house has dark woodwork, and décor enlivened by the addition of local artists’ work. The dining room is the scene for communal breakfasts with the other guests.

Our room was great.  I went minutely around examining everything and thinking about the décor (Mexican) and wondering how I could achieve the same effect!  Cindy’s husband is Mexican and on her frequent travels to visit with his family she has collected lovely things.  Our room, called “Tejas” is the one room she and her husband completely re-decorated when they bought the B&B two years ago.  We loved it. The other rooms on our floor (just 2 of them) were named “Land of Contrasts” (decorated in black and white), and “Lone Star” (a cowhide, Texas theme based on my peeking in the doorway!) There are at least two other rooms, accessible from the back of the house, but I don’t know about their décor.

But the charm is not just the physical place.  It has everything to do with the people! Start with the people who work there – Cindy, the proprietress made us feel right at home! Due to a death in the family, Cindy was not on the premises over the weekend, but we had two other inn-keeps to make our other breakfasts – both as nice as could be, warm, open and friendly.  All three were people you wanted to get to know – and who made it easy for you to do so.

Then, there were our fellow guests . Do friendly, open people self-select to stay in a B&B or does the atmosphere of the place encourage a relaxation of the wariness so overtly part of our modern world?  I don’t know!  But I found myself talking to perfect strangers as if I were … my husband, for example! No, we weren’t solving the world’s problems or anything so weighty.  We just enjoyed talking and getting to know each other, making the world a little smaller, two people at a time.

Another part of the charm of the Texas White House was wine and pretzels available in the foyer for “happy hour,” wine and water available in the fridge on the second floor hallway, coffee maker in the hallway upstairs for those of us who like a cuppa while we rea, pre-prandial.  All “free.”  No extra charges that magically appear on your bill because you needed a sip of water during the night!  The rooms were big, with every convenience except a telephone! (But who doesn’t bring one anymore?) Claw-foot tub anyone? What is a hotel anyway if not the enactment of some fantasy?

I slept so well.  I felt like I was a t home!  I really loved staying here.  If your taste in travel runs toward people experiences, this is a perfect place to stay.

I don’t want to leave you without mentioning the food.  Our breakfasts were gourmet!  Served to us right at the table – no buffet!  Plenty of flavorful coffee, enchanting company, wonderful hosts – gourmet food – tell me what more you might have wanted.  (And I bet you would have found it!) Cindy is a trained chef, so the B&B is also a place for special events – like a birthday dinner or special luncheon, two meals not served to the B&B guests.

Please check their the website for all the details and the packages.  Two couples among our fellow guests were weekend “get-away-ing”  from teenagers at home, with wine and massages!

I will definitely go back.  In fact, I can’t wait!

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