Our last day, and it is gorgeous and sunny today. Finally, I am organized enough at breakfast to remember my camera, the sugar and to sit at the right angle to take pictures of the birds that will come for the sugar – basically bananaquits and finches.

After breakfast, I went to sit in the sun at the pool (Got burned despite the sunscreen). Around 11:30 I went back to the room to finish packing, shower and dress for the trip home.  We wanted to have lunch at the hotel, to try the famous lobster salad.

Gerry spent most of the morning obsessing about the transportation back to the St. Kitts airport, constantly checking on the arrangements until it was settled that the hotel would take us to the dock for the water taxi and 12:45pm (for a 4:30 flight).  He was smart and ordered our lunch before we went back to finish up in our room, so that when we got to the dining room at 12:15 our food was brought immediately to the table. The lobster salad was every bit as good as we had been told.

I finally got to meet “Sally” – from Wisconsin.  I would have liked to have sat with her and heard about her life – how a girl from Wisconsin meets and falls in love with an Egyptian, who then works at the UN, only to find herself in 1980 living on a Caribbean island (a very small one at that) while her husband builds a hotel. I got the timeline but not the details – but I am sure it would be a pretty interesting story.

We shared the trip to the airport with Greg and Sarah. All in all the trip was super fast: The ride to the pier, boat ride across to St. Kitts and taxi to the airport only took 45 minutes tops.  Once at the airport, we discovered that our flight was delayed by an hour, so we have a 4 hour wait. Unthinkingly, we spent the four hours in the airport, rather than making a quick trip into Basse Terre and seeing a little bit of St. Kitts.

We did get to spend the time in the airport with Greg and Sarah, so the time went quickly. After they left for their flight, we killed time looking at the pictures we had taken until we boarded our flight for home.

The return to San Juan was notable only because we came into a part of the airport we had never seen before. I was trying to remember if I had ever been through customs in San Juan, and though I must have been at some point in the last 26 years, I definitely did not come into this part of the airport (which is relatively new). Fortunately, despite walks that rival those of the Miami airport in length, everything went very smoothly and we were home by 7:30 pm.

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