I travel to Northern Wisconsin at least once a year.  I wish it were more; I even toy with the idea of living there.  My “farm” is my little piece of northern Wisconsin: Without the pines, it is just an approximation.

“Up North,” the “Northwoods” is special because of all the associations with childhood vacations with my parents, and with summer camp – my own experience, as well as that of my sons.  Imbued with the magic of selective memory, Northern Wisconsin is also a place of incredible beauty. Once the tourists have returned to their urban homes the woods are filled with nothing more than the sounds of birds and the rustling of leaves. The quiet contemplation of nature is the most fulfilling activity for the day!

Here is an almost 5 minute slide show of photos I took during a week stay in the “northwoods.”  I hope they trigger special memories for you, too.  If you’ve never visited, maybe this will encourage you to put Wisconsin on your list.

Here’s the show! (the icon to see it full screen appears after you click on the red arrow.  Find it in the lower right hand corner. Comments are welcome!