The Capitol Building with a funny perspective


There is so much to say about San Juan!  You can find plenty of guide books and websites to help you navigate the city.  I cannot offer you that breadth, but as a resident of the city for 29 years, perhaps I can add some depth.

I like to play the tourist is San Juan.  Heaven knows I cannot pretend not to be one!  Not with my blonde hair and blue eyes, and distinctive accented Spanish!

I hope the posts below will give you new fresh eyes with which to loo at San Juan.  I hope you will spend time there, eat in the restaurants, sits in the parks, shop in the stores and especially talk to the locals.  Most of them speak English, albeit some reluctantly.  Not everyone has the chance to practice speaking English, and just like in every other country where I have traveled…If you look like a tourist, some will not be able to believe you are speaking Spanish and so will think you are speaking to them in English, anyway!  Just have fun with it!

San Juan Bautista – This is right across from the capitol.

The University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras) & the Botanical Garden (2017)

Oller Exhibit in San Juan (2016)

Santurce Murals (2015)

Touring in San Juan (2015)

Morning Paseo (Walk)(2013)

Guaynabo (Parque Forestal La Marquesa) (2013)