Let’s go fishing!

My guide, my muskie and me.

I know many of you do not share my passion for fishing…so you are going to think this post is not for you.

You’d be wrong! Fishing knows no economic obstacles nor class obstacles.  You don’t even have to eat fish to enjoy it! (I don’t. And NO ONE likes to clean them!)  Fishing is just a competition with yourself: Can I catch a bigger one?  (Can I catch one at all?)  Hope you enjoy this post! 

Northern New Mexico with my Camera

(But then, when don’t I have my camera?)  Here’s a trip from late August to Santa Fe and Taos and points in between!

Cathedral Basilica in Santa Fe

Ready to travel on the Douro River with me? Let’s go!


Bridge at Barca d’Alva, Portugal

At long last, I have finished posting the journal of my 2017 trip to Portugal! To read just the Douro Cruise portion (you’ve read about Lisbon and Porto already) you can start here.   To read the entire trip journal (Portugal portion), in order, start here.

Two Posts about Porto, Portugal

I have deviated from my strictly chronological reporting about this last trip, hoping to give you a better look at Lisbon and Porto, because I was in both cities two separate times during my trip.  You have already read the Lisbon posts.  Now I hope you will enjoy these two posts about Porto (with a little Coimbra thrown in!) (PS The Douro River Cruis is coming! I promise!)

Porto Side from high up in the funicular gondola

Two Posts about Lisbon (May 2017)

Lisbon is a fantastic city!  It was both the starting point and the ending point for our Uniworld cruise on the Douro River last month.  If you would like to read about those two sojourns in Lisbon, start here.  (The rest of the river cruise journal is coming soon.)

Tile-fronted buildings in Lisbon