Come with me to Switzerland!

For two weeks in May 2022, I traveled in Switzerland. (I also visited Salzburg and Munich). If you would like to read about where I went and what I did (and what I thought about it all), here’s the place to start: Lucerne!

Lucerne, Switzerland

I’m Back! (or I was back in Puerto Rico!)

As the world reopens after the Covid-19 pandemic, my wanderlust has gotten the best of me and I have begun moving around again. It is a little hard to call it traveling, as it is really just going places I need to go, but I managed to incorporate a little tourist activity, too. Here is a series of pictures I took on a trip to and from Rincon while I was recently in San Juan (for the first time in 15 months!). I hope you enjoy them!

Milwaukee Gem – Grant Park

Hi! I am back on the job, chronicling travel for your future planning. Maybe Milwaukee isn’t on a bucket list, but you might find yourself there, on purpose or by chance, and I want to make sure you have something fun to visit. This is an account, mostly pictures, of a place I just discovered, literally, right in my backyard! (PS Even if you wouldn’t go to Milwaukee, I think you’ll like the pictures.)

The leaves always look fiery against a bright blue sky.


Read it now/ Look at the pictures now.

Want to see Paris au temps du Covid-19?

Through a serendipitous connection with a couple of photographers in Paris, I have been given permission to share their images of Paris during the current phase of the corona virus pandemic.  The pictures will seem very empty to you, but the grandeur of the boulevards and the monuments is revealed where before we could only imagine it!

To learn more about the photographers, Tuul and Bruno Morandi, click here.

To see their COVID-19 images of Paris click here.

To armchair travel with me in Paris, try these posts:

EuroYear (2001) when I was homeschooling my kids (Might be topical!)

Paris 2015


Safe at Home – but dreaming of travel!

globe for blogLike millions of people around the globe, I am sticking close to home these days.  But my wanderlust is strong even when I can’t move much beyond my front door.

I had travel planned for this spring … A trip to Israel and Jordan was cancelled shortly after the beginning of the year;  not enough people signed up.  There could have been any number of reasons why others were more cautious than I, but given that the trip was to start in mid-April, if it hadn’t already been cancelled it surely would be by now.

As a consolation, I planned a two-week trip to San Miguel de Allende to experience Easter in Mexico.  I cancelled that one myself at the beginning of March.

I am thinking that you are probably like me, if you’re a reader of this blog, so you are at home but you’re dreaming of where you’ll go when the world cools down and it become safe to travel again.

May I suggest some armchair travel to help you dream about future trips?

Take a browse through the site and find a place you haven’t been.  See if my pages and pictures inspire you to put that location on your bucket list.  What about revisiting a place you’ve already been?  I would love to see more comments on the posts:  Did you like what I liked?  Am I all wet on those recommendations?  What would you have written about that place if this were your blog?

Tell me!

Some of my favorites:

Joshua Tree National Park


The Galapagos Islands

Slovenia and Croatia

With all this spare time, I will also be posting about older trips that have yet to make the transition from paper journals to online blog.  Stay tuned for Guatemala and Morocco!