Bern & Lauterbrunnen

This is the fifth installment about our driving tour of Switzerland – An unforgettable three days, after a brief stop in the capitol city, in a valley in the Alps. Read about it here. (To start at the beginning of the trip with Part I, click here.)

Hang gliders landing in the field near the cable car station near Lauterbrunnen.

Lausanne and Lake Geneva

Three nights, and as many days in Lausanne, exploring the city and the region. Lots of pictures and a few surprises! Click here to read this part of the journal.

Tulips along Lake Geneva

Two Days on Mountain Roads

Driving in the Swiss Alps. Here it is! Part III of our May 2022 trip to Switzerland. I promise you lots of pictures! Again, if you haven’t been following along, you can start here, and read the two previous posts before this one.

Ticino Region, Switzerland

To some, the most perfect place in the world is the Ticino region of Switzerland: It has all of the wonderful things we love about Italy and Italians, with the perfect organization of Switzerland. Come visit it with me! (This is Part II of my Switzerland trip in May of 2022. If you want to start at the beginning of the trip, click here.)

Lake Lugano

Come with me to Switzerland!

For two weeks in May 2022, I traveled in Switzerland. (I also visited Salzburg and Munich). If you would like to read about where I went and what I did (and what I thought about it all), here’s the place to start: Lucerne!

Lucerne, Switzerland