Going Back in History – Abruzzo, Italy May 2019

Stop three on our trip with Eddie Soloway and friends, found us in the medieval village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio.  A short post with plenty of pictures, this was my first visit to this area of Italy.

Ruins of Rocca Calascio.


Here is the journal about our second stop on the “Celebrating Italy” adventure with Eddie Soloway, covering several days in Matera, Italy. There are lots of pictures (I know that for some of you that is all that matters – so enjoy the 41!)  There are also a lot of words.  Yes, this is a long one (like the photo below).  I hope you enjoy it! Matera 2019

Celebrating Italy – First Stop: Puglia

This is the first of four post about the places I visited as a member of group of photographers traveling with Eddie Soloway. Start here with the introductory page.At the end, click on “Puglia” to read the post and see the pictures of Puglia from this portion of our trip.

View to the surrounding area of Locorotondo

The Olive Trees of Puglia

My posts about my travels in Italy this spring are coming. This post, about the ancient olive trees, is full of pictures and information. I hope you will feel the same awe I felt for these amazing trees, and the same desperation about their plight.  Here’s the post.

London – on Foot

Huguenot district in Spitalfields – detail of one of the not yet rehabilitated houses.

Walking in London is a real pleasure!  There is so much to see. After a month in Italy, this quick stopover in London gave us the opportunity to visit with a friend from college and decompress before our long trans-Atlantic trip back to Puerto Rico.  I hope you enjoy it.  It is out of order with the blog posts that are coming about the Italy trip.  This small bite was easier to finish for you, while I continue to prepare the pages about Italy.  But stay tuned!  They are coming.  Meanwhile – London Walking!