Fall in Northern Wisconsin

Almost like a pilgrimage, I head to N. Wisconsin once a year.  Click through to see a slideshow of the photos I took as the leaves were changing out on the lakes.

A Stiletto is Always in Fashion

We’re talking “boot” here – the boot of Italy and its famous heel (what I call the stiletto).  Here’s the last post of our driving tour of Puglia, and includes some really beautiful places!  Click here to read about our final days of this trip.

Gallipoli, Italy

(If you are just seeing about this tip for the first time, it starts here.

And if you were somewhere in the middle when you last left off, you can click here and find out where to pick up!

Lecce – A City of Unexpected Surprises

One of the highlights of our driving tour of Puglia was Lecce.  What a gem!  Here’s the journal!

Duomo di Lecce in the afternoon sun and quiet.

Puglia – Part I (April 23rd to May 5th)

If you have been following the blog on this trip to Italy with me, you might remember that I talked about the second part of the trip, the photographers’ trip, first.  But really our trip began with friends Galina and Jon and a rental car we claimed in Bari on April 25th.  Here are the first couple of days of that part of the trip.  This part is all Puglia and not the same as the part we covered with the photographers.  I hope you enjoy it!

Trani’s harbor.

Last Stop – Tuscany, May 2019

Finally, I have arrived in Tuscany, the last stop of the Eddie Soloway Celebration of Italy!  I thought this would be a breeze to write, but it has taken me quite awhile. I hope you enjoy it!  Expect lots of pictures, and not too much text to read.  Click here.

View of Tuscany in the early morning