Today. I came home from my walk with wet, sandy shoes and both hope and worry in my heart. I saw THREE sea turtle nests on the beach. What excitement! To think that in about 4 short weeks, hundreds of tiny sea turtles will hatch from these eggs and make their way to the water’s edge. A small distance to us – but how far it must be when you’re only 3 inches long! Who knows what dangers lurk from egg shell to wave…Will they make it? The hope is that they will! The worry is that we humans will mess with those nests, despite the fact that they are roped off and identified! A couple of years ago, I saw just one nest. Today, I saw three. Fingers crossed!

About jetsytravels

I travel a lot and want to travel even more. I really enjoy it! I have no travel expertise or special knowledge. I do have opinions, observations, impressions and photographs to share. If I am not particularly edifying - perhaps I will be entertaining! Who am I? I have an MBA and founded a catalog business about 17 years ago, called Isla, now also online as I am a wife, and mother of two grown (nearly) sons. I split my residential time between Puerto Rico and Wisconsin.

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