Huguenot district in Spitalfields – detail of one of the not yet rehabilitated houses.

Walking in London is a real pleasure!  There is so much to see. After a month in Italy, this quick stopover in London gave us the opportunity to visit with a friend from college and decompress before our long trans-Atlantic trip back to Puerto Rico.  I hope you enjoy it.  It is out of order with the blog posts that are coming about the Italy trip.  This small bite was easier to finish for you, while I continue to prepare the pages about Italy.  But stay tuned!  They are coming.  Meanwhile – London Walking! 

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I travel a lot and want to travel even more. I really enjoy it! I have no travel expertise or special knowledge. I do have opinions, observations, impressions and photographs to share. If I am not particularly edifying - perhaps I will be entertaining! Who am I? I have an MBA and founded a catalog business about 17 years ago, called Isla, now also online as I am a wife, and mother of two grown (nearly) sons. I split my residential time between Puerto Rico and Wisconsin.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Betsy, I enjoy reading your posts! Thank you for sharing your talent…all my best to Gerry.


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